About Us

Our mission is to create and sustain high-quality employment for skilled and motivated professionals in our trade, community, and region by providing cost effective and timely solutions to our customers.

VCS can provide a diverse skill set to meet your specific needs and gaps by supplying on-site resources to your team or outside engineering (OE) to support your project. VCS can support your high risk initial concept development for proof of concept while your company retains the IP. Commercialization of design can be structured as a client-retained IP project, shared cost and IP ownership project, or VCS IP ownership project.  VCS also has production capabilities through partnerships with manufacturing organizations.

Each discipline should have the ability to provide intelligent input about the way each element makes up the final product. This enables opportunities for innovation while helping to carry the vision all the way through to production while curtailing late compromises. That electrical engineer, for example, may be able to see that the antenna won’t function with a proposed material or assembly method. Because the electrical expert was involved early and across disciplines, he or she can identify an opportunity before it impacts the design, integrating a compromise-free solution.

VCS is adept at working as team members, or as project leaders, with world-wide teams. We will exceed expectations to help sustain the continued success of your company.